Online marketing is the best approach to achieve the dynamic marketing needs that each business has experienced in this new era. In general, towing companies have many things to consider in terms of remaining relevant in the pay-per-click world. Are you providing extra services or just towing? Are you looking to deliver services within a mile radius? Have you considered taking your company to the next level through advertising for long-distance towing?

Regardless of what you really want to focus on, you’ll realize that PPC is the best approach. Although you might think of diving right into a campaign, here are critical things worth considering first. Before building your campaign, consider things such as using the right call to action, excluding terms that will lead to any type of insurance, choosing the account type that will work wonders for you, and so on.

Tips to Consider When Creating Your Ads

Although you may have a profitable towing business, word of mouth only may not be enough to run your business. And even though effective advertising attracts a customer’s attention, it needs to do a lot more. Generally, your ad needs to provide prospective customers with substantial reasons to enlist your services, a way to contact you, and an incentive.

Before creating your ads, ensure you consider these factors:

– Reliability

Phrases such as “time every time,” references to a testimonials page, details about how many customers you’ve served, or perhaps how many have left a great review offer you a considerable amount of reliability. Simply put, people tend to trust what others have to say. So, ensure that you have something on your site that might help prove what you say in your ad copy.

– Offer Assurance

You can provide this by listing any type of recognition and awards you’ve received over the years, or the insurance or certification you’ve acquired for your company. Showcase these qualities through extensions on your ad copy, based on how many awards you have and the specific ones you think have the most impact. You should prioritize the ones that were issued locally, especially if they’re well known.

– Create Urgency

Generally speaking, creating urgency is perfect for accounts that offer special deals or weekly promos that distinguish them from their competitors. Once you develop a sense of urgency, you’ll instill the prospective customer with a fear of missing out on your particular promotions, like whether it’s a one-time offer that they take or lose. What’s more, it will increase the probable clicks you could create on the account instead of ad copy that doesn’t have any urgency. For instance, you could use a special discount for your next service booking or a countdown on promotions you got for the week.

– How Fast You Can Deliver Service

Typically, local businesses may take advantage of offering time estimates to clients via their ad copy. So, if you know that you just serve a 20-mile radius and it takes about 30 minutes to reach anywhere withing your particular target location, it would be best to include it in your ad copy. For instance, add information like “we’re 30 minutes away”, so you’ll surpass your clients’ expectations that were highlighted through the ad if you’d get there earlier.

– Emergency & 24/7

List 24/7 services if available. It’s a competitive advantage over companies that only have the labor to run during business hours. In general, “emergency services” or “emergency & 24/7 services” are allowed for the ad copy.

– Specify the Service Type Available

You should ensure that you specify your service on the ad copy, even if it’s incorporated on the website. Allowing your clients to know that you can deliver local towing services, long-distance towing services, or roadside assistance will help you identify two factors. These include your business’s bread and butter via online marketing and how you should allocate your budget effectively.

Undoubtedly, PPC is the best choice to make an effective ROI for your towing business. Ensure you consider the above tips, and you’ll create the proper account for you and your company. Don’t let your competitors pass you. Towing services is an ever-growing market, and you should be part of it!

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