Most websites have a Frequently Asked Questions page as part of the content. Some of the questions are technical; others address worries or concerns potential customers might have.

While this specific FAQ page is useful as a reference point, it won’t do much on its own to actually move forward your tow business marketing. Here are some questions to consider.

Under what circumstances do customers use your tow services?

While there may be some unusual situations, it’s likely the majority of people will contact you because of a range of accident or breakdown situations. Taking time to collate a list of these can mean that you can then address them in the content on your homepage – or a specific landing page. See our recent blog: ‘Using landing pages on your repair shop or tow business website’ for detailed information. This enables a visitor to instantly see that you can meet their needs.

What questions might be in their minds?

These can range from the need for a simple piece of information (How long will it likely take you to reach me) to the specific anxieties they might have (How can I be sure you won’t further damage my vehicle).

Again, by gathering a list of these, you might provide a quick answer checklist in the content for those basic information questions. You can then consider the possible anxieties – or reasons why a potential customer might choose not to contact you – and provide both information and reassurance in your content.

This might be a great place to introduce carefully-worded testimonials – and you can find out more about the process in our recent: ‘Using testimonial marketing for your tow or auto repair business’ blog.

Creating a positive environment in your tow business marketing

We’ve been referring to your website content, but the points covered above can be of equal value when constructing an email marketing campaign, or in making the best possible use of your social media opportunities. Being seen as a solution to an emergency, rather than simply another part of the problem, will create that positive message you’d want your tow business to offer.

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