In the past, a testimonial was commonly used to attest to someone’s character and qualifications. In today’s world, it takes the form of a sentence or paragraph to praise a product or service.

It’s always been accepted that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. However, this is only true if it is a positive statement. Not only are testimonials used to praise a product or service, but they can also highlight how effectively a complaint was dealt with or how a problem was handled.

So, how can you make the most of positive testimonial comments to place your tow or auto repair business in the public eye?

Offer a friendly thank you

Today, the ‘testimonial’ is a much less formal comment which is made by a satisfied customer on social media. This means it pays to take a moment to check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the like to see if your customers have left a comment. Replying with a simple ‘thank you’, or adding a little more detail to the story, strengthens the perception those reading it will have of you.

Use real world examples

You may, once in a while, be involved in helping a local personality or even national figure at your business. Of course, you’ll share this story if those involved are happy for you to do so.

But most often, the public will respond better to examples showing how you helped ordinary people like themselves. This allows them to imagine a similar outcome in their own situation. Having a series of stories involving the different types of people most likely to use your services will help to build your reputation amongst your customer base.

Make yourself memorable

You should also describe situations that potential customers can relate to. For example, how you helped a family who broke down on the way to the airport or couldn’t get their car started to still make their flight. Other examples could include making a vital business appointment, or not letting the kids down on the way to a sports event etc. People reading these examples will be able to imagine themselves being helped by you in similar stressful moments – when that moment occurs, you’ll be the company they call.

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