Both auto repair shops and tow businesses are used by the public when a specific set of circumstances occur; unlike other businesses that are used for discretional purchases. This means that, if you can tune your web presence to such circumstances, you increase your opportunities for gaining custom from those people who do require the services you offer.

So what exactly are landing pages?

These are specially-created pages, within your website, that address either specific needs or circumstances. The content is tailored to such situations or requirements, rather than describing the services you offer in general terms. As a comparison, if you were visiting a nearby town, taking a train would leave you to find your own way from the rail station; whereas traveling by cab would deliver you to the exact place you wished to visit. Landing pages are like the latter journey; taking web searchers right to the point you would want them to come into contact with your business.

So how can landing pages be best used?

If you create a list of the circumstances and situations where your services are used, then you can design a page for each with content that talks specifically to that need.

You will set your own list, but in general terms as examples, here are a couple of likely areas that such landing pages could effectively cover:

+ Specific geographical locations – such as the states, towns or city suburbs where you provide your services. Web page header examples: Need towing services in (location)? – Swift auto breakdown services for (area) residents

+ Key circumstances – this could refer to the different auto repair needs potential customers might have; such as brakes, battery, or starter motor. Tow services could refer to tire blowout, broken axle, road traffic accidents, and the like.

A key benefit of creating such landing pages

When potential customers are in need of the services you provide, their search terms are likely to be quite specific. These should tie in with the list you’ve created – as discussed in the previous section.

Therefore, offering such closely-directed guidance allows you to make the most of the search engine terms the public will use e.g. they are likely to mention their breakdown geographical location; or that specific need e.g. shocks or starter motor replacement.

This means your tailored auto repair shop or tow business marketing efforts through the use of landing pages, can give you a priceless advantage over competitors with a fairly generic web presence!

Published On: October 7th, 2020 / Categories: Business /

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