For effective auto repair shop marketing, it’s important to appreciate why people might contact your business and how they are likely to feel when doing so. In the majority of cases, however great your business, it’s reputation, and the standard of workmanship and service you provide will always be vital.

Therefore, in both design and content, you are talking to an anxious, nervous, frustrated, and possibly annoyed prospective customer. Your aim is to immediately be seen as an obvious and easily-actioned solution delivering the outcome they seek.

Be quickly responsive on all devices

When a potential client reaches for their mobile, logs on to their tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, they are looking for a quick, simple, easy-to-access solution to their problem. Therefore, it’s vital that your website is designed to be swiftly accessible and clearly understandable across all possible devices. Some websites are fine when viewed on desktop and laptop devices, but have not been effectively configured for viewing on the smaller dimensions of a mobile phone or tablet screen. If it doesn’t deliver immediate clarity, then a potential customer may head elsewhere.

Instantly offer a solution to their problem

At this stage, the searcher is not really interested in your business as such, but simply in how quickly, easily, and professionally you can deliver an outcome. This is where it can be useful to construct a series of specific landing pages, each of which addresses one of the critical problems they are potentially reaching out to you to solve.

Arriving at a generic homepage can be frustrating, as the visitor has to find their own way to a solution. Each landing page can highlight a key problem such as auto breakdown, starter motor, muffler fault, tire blowout, engine overheating, and many others, providing an instant connection with your customers.

Make the action process as simple as possible

Having reached you, a customer is now aware that you can help. The next stage is to get them into contact with your business as simply and swiftly as possible. A link to a contact page (or the information might be provided on the landing page) with a phone number, perhaps a chatbox facility, or a simple map if they are able to drive to your location, allows them to make you the obvious and ready solution to their issue.

These three tips concerning your web presence will help your auto repair business quickly connect with potential customers by swiftly and professionally being seen as a solution to the difficulty they find themselves in.

Published On: September 16th, 2020 / Categories: Business /

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