How To Do Auto Repair Shop Marketing The Right Way

If you want to work on auto repair shop marketing campaigns, you need solid advice. It’s important that you do the marketing the right way so that you attract as many paying customers as possible. Here, you’re going to learn what it takes to reach out to those that need auto repair assistance.

Local SEO

You’re going to want to use search engines that locals use to look up information on auto repair shops. You can work with a company like Google to set up an entry in their business site’s section to share information with others about your company when certain terms are searched for. When doing local SEO work, make sure you use targeted keywords that people are likely to look up. Don’t just hope that people search for your company’s name because they may not know it so they won’t know what to search for.

Keywords are important to work with when it comes to any kind of SEO. These keywords are basically what people are going to type in when they want to find a company like yours to work with. One example of a good set of keywords would be “auto repair in” and then the name of the city you’re in. Once you have keywords in mind that you think people are searching for, you can put them in your content. However, don’t do any keyword stuffing which means don’t put too many keywords in any of your content or ads.

PPC Management Tips

PPC stands for pay per click and it’s basically a type of ad that you build that you only have to pay for if someone clicks on it. This means that you’re able to come up with ads that only have to be paid for if they actually reach people. However, if you go this route then you have to set up your ads in a way that is sure to reach out to the people that need help with auto repairs. In your ads, remember to use the right keywords so people actually find and then click on your ads.

When you’re coming up with ads, you need to make it a point to target the right kind of people. You don’t want to make ads that are shown to everyone because that means that you’re wasting a bit of money on them. Figure out who is likely to click on your ads and work with your company before you decide to do anything like PPC ad buying. Once you have an idea of who to market to, you can work with that group instead of just making a general ads that everyone will come across.

Email Marketing

You need to work on email marketing when doing auto repair shop marketing campaign work. You’re basically going to need to set up a way for people to receive messages from your company about your services. This is helpful because it lets you share information like sales you’re having whenever you’re ready to market to people. But, you have to make sure that you have some kind of sign up form on your website so people can only get messages in their email that want to get them. If you send out mass emails to random people, they can mark your messages as spam and cause your messages to eventually land in only spam folders.

Doing email marketing is important to time properly. You want your emails to show up in inboxes when you know for sure that people are likely to come across them. If you send them out at an odd time like the middle of the night, then people are less likely to open them and interact with the content within. Try to think of a time to send out emails like when locals will be home from work or right when most are starting work and will be checking their emails.

Text Message Marketing

Reach out to people through text messages if possible. You want to have a sign up form of some kind on your main website that people can enter their information in so they can get things like messages on their phones about deals. Just like with email marketing, you can’t just send texts to random people and hope that they will be happy about it. That’s a sure way to become known as a spammer and that can hurt your business. It can take a while to build a phone number collection to market to, but eventually it’ll work out and you’ll be able to reach a lot of people through texting.

Website Building

Build a website that teaches people about your business and what it has to offer to them. When you have a need for a website, make sure you hire the right people to make it for you. It’s generally better to have a professional web developer make your website for you instead of someone that doesn’t have a lot of training in this area. That way, you know the website will work properly and that if you want it changed in any way before it goes live, they can make it happen.

A website shouldn’t be that tough to use so people are likely to find what they’re looking for. Don’t make a site with a ton of menus that have a lot of options in them because people may not want to deal with that. Just have simple links to various areas of your site that all are important for people to look at when they come by your website. A professional website maker will know how to make a simple, yet effective, website for you that just works.

Coming Up With A Blog

If you want a way to build a website that is updated often with new information, consider adding a blog to your main website. You can have articles on it that talk about things like auto repair work that people can get done by your company. It can even work for you if you have someone make a guest post for you from time to time that has to do with your type of business. Don’t just share random stuff that has nothing to do with auto repair or people may not come to visit your blog.

A good blog is one that you keep up with. Don’t just build one, put an article or two up, and then ignore it. You want to add new posts to it on a regular basis so people have a reason to come back and check it out. If people see that you post on certain days of the week, then they may come back to your website to check it out. Try to post every time on the same day of the week to begin with so there is some consistency. If you’re random with it then people may not care to return.

Check Your Website’s Statistics

Your website is going to generally have a host that lets you look at information through them. This means that you’ll be able to see how people have been finding your auto repair website through the internet. Make note of where you get a lot of traffic from so you can focus your marketing efforts towards that kind of website. For instance, if you get a lot of traffic from your social media profile, make it a point to post on social media on a regular basis since people are reacting well to it.

If you pay to get marketing assistance, be sure that you look at your website’s stats on a regular basis. You want to know if what they have done for you is working or if you need to have them help with something else. It can take a while for marketing work to take off and benefit you, but if you notice that nothing has changed for a few weeks you can try another approach. Your website’s stats are good indicator of what works because they show you where people come from and what parts of your site they interact with.

Hiring A Good Marketing Professional

Before you work on a marketing campaign with a marketing expert, you need to learn what you can about the services they offer. It’s important that you work with a professional that has done marketing work for people before. If possible, find someone that has done auto repair shop marketing in the past so they know how to build a marketing campaign for you that works. If they have done work in the past for others, ask to see some examples of their work so you can check to see if they do work that benefits their clients.

Reviews are good to read about marketers before you hire one of them. They can tell you a lot about what to expect from someone that you are thinking of working with. If reviews mostly say that they are not a good service to work with then you’ll know that it’s not worth the investment and that you need to find another marketing expert to spend money on. Never hire someone at random or else you’re likely to hook up with someone that ends up not doing that great of a job for you.

How To Learn To Do Marketing

You’re going to need to find a source to teach you about marketing if you want to do it on your own. For instance, you can go to a search engine website and look up marketing tutorials. When you look up information like this, make it a point to always double check what you have learned so you know if the methods you’re reading about are effective. If you find the same advice in more than one place, that means that it’s more likely to help you out than a tip that is only on one old website.

There are books you can buy about marketing that can really make your life a lot easier. Before you buy any kind of books, check into reviews that were written about them. And, know that there are eBooks out there that you can read that have good information in them too. If you have an eBook reading device then you can look through what’s available for it. If you don’t have that kind of device, then you can just use a tablet or your phone. That, or just buy physical books that have good reviews backing them.

On Spamming People

Do not spam people when you are doing marketing work. You don’t want to end up getting people angry with you and spreading the word that your company is spamming people. Instead, make sure people are willing to check out your company because they sign up to. For instance, if you have a social media profile then don’t just message random people and try to get them interested in your company. Use the ad tools on the platform to reach out to others and then advertise only to those that follow your page through regular posts.

Don’t send people so many marketing messages that they end up getting tired of working with you. In fact, you need to let people know through email or other marketing methods that they can opt out of getting messages from you. If people don’t have a way to stop getting messages from you, that’s how you get marked as a spammer and that ends up making your company have problems reaching out to more people. Only contact those on your marketing lists every once every few days instead of multiple times a day so people don’t get tired of what you’re advertising to them.

More Marketing Advice For Auto Repair Shop Owners

When you start to market to more people, make sure that you have enough people on staff to deal with an influx of customers. If you market, then you can expect to do that much more business in the near future. If you don’t have enough people on staff to do more work, then you’re going to end up having to make people wait to work with your service. Consider hiring more help and upgrading to a bigger facility when you start to do more business.

Have a way for people to contact you when they need help. And, make sure you get back to people as soon as you possibly can so they know that they are important to you. For instance, on your website at the bottom of each page you can share an email address for people to use if they have questions or comments. When you get customers asking you the same question time and again, add a frequently asked questions page that answers common questions. That way, you can cut down on how many people contact you over the same thing.

As a marketer, you’re going to find that sometimes what you’re doing just won’t work out. If you don’t get good results when you’re first working on a new marketing campaign, keep working at it. Don’t just throw your hands up and give up because that’s how you end up not doing much business in the long run. There are plenty of awesome professionals out there that you can work with that will get you results. Know not to quit even when you’re having trouble so you can always have a marketing campaign going on that eventually works for you.

On Angry Customers And Reviews

If you’re going to do good as a business, you’re going to run into people that won’t be happy with the work you do for them. When people leave a bad review, find out what went wrong and then try to fix it for that customer and all of your future customers. For instance, if you missed something and they figure out that it was your company’s fault, tell them that you’ll take care of the issue right away at no extra cost. If you treat people well even when they are angry with you, it can end in people seeing you doing the right thing and trusting you more.

Reviews are good to reply to on websites so people can see that you are engaged and care about whether they were happy or not. When you get a good review, a simple thank you can go a long way. You can also add that you’d appreciate it if they worked with you again in the future if they ever have any other problems. This is how you show you care and it also gives you a chance to look like you’re a company that thrives on providing good services.

Now you have a better understanding of auto repair shop marketing. This is something you should take time with and you should use everything you’ve learned here. That way, you can be happy with the way the marketing helps you to do more business in the long run.

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