Using your email list can be extremely beneficial for auto repair shop marketing — a tactic that can bring in new business and maintain relationships with your current customer base. Whether you are just beginning to build your email list or you have an established one, this marketing route can be a powerful method to grow your business. Here are four tips to ensure your emails are converting.

1. Establish your list

Even if you think you have a solid email list, there’s always room for growth. Find ways for people to sign up for your emails so you can continue to market your services to them. When customers bring their trucks in for repair, ask them for their email address when they pay. Also, have a signup page pop up on your website. If people aren’t signing up through it, put together a small ebook about something topical to offer for free in return for signing up.

2. Encourage your recipients to reply

The most effective emails for auto shop marketing build relationships and trust with recipients. Ask questions or provide surveys that require responses. Unlike direct mail or social media ads, email marketing allows your customers to tell you what’s on their minds. Email segmentation works well in this situation because you can target your message to specific customers, which will increase your reply rate.

3. Avoid the spam folders

The worst thing you can do when emailing is have your emails sent to a recipient’s spam folder. You can avoid this by using normal subject lines — rather than something full of hyperbolic phrases. Test your emails and see if they are reaching normal inboxes.

4. Include a call to action and interesting material

Your emails should make your customers take action. So give your recipients something to open, a link to click on or more information to read. Get creative with your calls to action too. Try to make them feel like they aren’t being sold to; people don’t like that. Make them feel comfortable and always provide interesting content and offers which encourage them to find out more.

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Published On: November 19th, 2020 / Categories: Business /

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