Getting your vehicle serviced is a serious matter and choosing the right mechanic or auto repair shop for the job isn’t always as simple as taking your car into the dealership from which you purchased your vehicle. When a customer makes the decision to find a local auto repair or collision center, they WILL research your business online. Here’s why acquiring a lot of [positive] reviews is crucial to growing your car count.

1.  Auto Repair Shop Reviews Help Bring in New Clients 

  • 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.

  • 15% of users don’t trust businesses without reviews.

  • Only 6% of consumers don’t trust customer reviews at all.

  • Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide.

  • Local businesses have an average of 39 Google reviews.

If your mechanic shop’s reviews are up to par, it can most certainly drive new customers to your shop. 

2. Reviews Help Gauge your Shop’s Quality

Successful Auto Repair Shops look at reputation management as a continuous improvement process. Customers often opt to view “newest” reviews to ensure a positive experience with their vehicle maintenance. Because of this, it is important that all of your staff are made aware of why it’s important to ensure each and every customer has a positive experience from the actual repairs to the level of customer service they receive during the repair process. 

3. Mechanic Reviews Help Bring in Repeat Business & Referrals 

While positive reviews can help bring in new auto repair customers, they can also help bring back returning ones as well. If they’ve had an excellent experience in the past, and if you’ve asked them to leave a review, these customers know that you care about them, as well as your work. After all, a good auto repair shop doesn’t ask people for reviews if they know they’ve done a poor job. Show your customers you take pride in your business and ask them to provide their honest feedback so you can better continue to refine your reputation on and offline.

4. Boosts Local SEO

Small auto shops don’t always think about marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). However, with individuals turning to online reviews to help form consumer decision-making, this will need to change. Asking your customers to leave an online auto shop review these days is equal to asking them to refer them to their friends and family when word-of-mouth marketing was the way to go.

With everyone using the internet and asking for “car repairs near me,” building your local SEO ranking online is crucial to your shop’s successl. The “near me” search term is what makes this more localized SEO instead of trying to rank across a wider search area. People in Dayton, Ohio, won’t necessarily be reading mechanic reviews in Auburn, CA. So, boosting your local SEO by having customers leave reviews is a great way to draw in more localized customers.

5. Auto Repair Reviews Keep You Ahead of Your Competition 

Good, quality auto repair reviews will keep you ahead of your competition, almost every time. With towing companies and auto repair shops popping up all over, the competition can get fierce, especially in metropolitan areas. The better you take care of your clients and their vehicles, the more willing they will be to not only leave you a review online but also leave you a review that will set you apart from other auto repair shops. Remember, every review counts — whether it be on Google, Facebook or Yelp.

Reviews Matter — Let Us Help You Get Them

ShopHawk provides full service Web Design & Marketing for Tow Companies, Auto Repair Shops, Collision Centers and more. Part of what we do includes sending customer surveys and asking for reviews. Naturally, you will reach a few customers who have had a not-so-pleasant experience. Don’t worry! The way our platform works, only the customers who choose they would recommend your shop will be able to post a review online. If they choose they would NOT recommend you, they are only able to provide you feedback via email. This allows for your shop to get real feedback for the continuous improvement process we mentioned above, but not damage your online reputation.


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